our Story

We have been friends for a few years and love adventures. We were catching up on a Sunday night and talked about how curious it would be to simply stop drinking alcohol. We agreed to start on the Monday for three days (thinking it would be super easy). After which we met up again and agreed to try to aim for three weeks. At the end of the three weeks, we decided that it was refreshing and we should continue for at least another three months.

Surprisingly, the first three days were the hardest! We researched, gathered tips and tried to work out how to make it easier. Camille enjoyed adding spices, pepper and herbs to drinks. Melissa got excited about sober books, infused waters and sober podcasts.

One of the hardest things at the start was to always be questioned around why we weren’t drinking. As a solution we created our own event, hosted through ‘Meetup’, so that we could go out on a Saturday night and have a good time without being questioned. And after the three months our alcohol free lifestyle is too much fun to give up, and we have no reason to start drinking alcohol again.

our Vision

Our vision is for workplaces, bars, universities and sporting clubs to be alcohol free friendly. What do we mean by alcohol free friendly? We believe in ones freedom to do what one enjoys, to be free from pressure by colleagues or friends, because it is ones own choice to have fun without alcohol. The alcohol-free drinks should be easily accessible and available everywhere and to everyone.

About Us



Camille is a teacher of accounting and yoga. She splits her time between teaching accounting at university and teaching yoga at offices around Sydney. Camille grew up on acres but loves the city life in Sydney. Camille loves drinking alcohol free wine and adding herbs and spices to sodas. Camille’s favourite drink is soda water, vanilla essence and a slice of peach. Her favourite alcohol free recommendations are Seedlip, Ariel Alcohol-Free Wine, the Daybreaker event and the book ‘How to Control Your Drinking’ by Alan Carr.




Melissa is a Property Accountant living in Sydney. Melissa grew up in Sweden, Malmö, during her summer breaks she left to her Grandma’s summer house placed in the south of Sweden ‘Österlen’. It was her escape to find tranquility and be still. Grandma was her idol, she brought the family all together with her food and calm presence. You always had a place to come back to when you were out exploring the world or in need of a helping hand.  She taught Melissa the Swedish culture of Österlen. Surrounded by the natural beauty, where the sun is fiery and the air is crisp. She showed Melissa the joy of culinary treasure hunts in this homegrown paradise. With her sister and cousins she hand picked fruit. Cherries, strawberries, cloudberries, elderberries, sour apples, currants, lingonberries and blueberries . Granny was also the first to teach Melissa the meaning of the Swedish word ‘lagom’. She instructed us to ‘just get enough’ of the hand picked berries and not more than we needed for the day. Lagom means you have ‘enough’; there is not too much and not too little. Our message, ‘happy enough’ is about taking a break from alcohol. It’s about finding your lagom, your own personal “enough”. Not too much, and not too little.