how to be happy enough


stock up on alcohol-free replacements

As a part of our journey we prepared a starter pack to make it easier for others when starting, it will get you ready for the alcohol free period in one go.

Consider the type of drinks you usually drink, is it wine, beer or spirit? Replace those drinks with something else before you start your alcohol free period. Both Camille and Melissa are strong believers in alcohol replacements, because often we drink for the experience rather than what’s in the glass. Simply replace the content with ‘alco-props’ and not the experience!

Order here and get ready-set-go!

Happy Enough alcohol free shop.JPG

pick up teas, herbs and fruits

Camille bought a whole bunch of new teas, herbs and spices to add to water. Making it a flavour journey by infusing water, her favorite ingredients quickly became ginger, cucumber, orange, lime and cinnamon sticks.

We are all about having fun, why not enjoy the period by exploring new avenues and new flavours?

If you struggle to get started you can always get a kick start by attending one of our 1 hour introduction workshops, simply reach out (here).


order soda at the bar

A lot of the time struggle street happens at the bar or socially. ‘What do you order?’

Going through the same process we noted down how to make it easy to order at clubs and bars, read more on our blog.

Being at a bar without drinking alcohol is fun and interesting. Try to go to new places or new events, just have a great time exploring the city.