What does ‘stop drinking’ mean?

‘Stop drinking’ is different for each person. It can mean:

  • to stop drinking alcohol altogether

  • to stop drinking alcohol after a glass or two

  • to stop drinking full strength alcohol and replace with low alcohol (less than 0.05%)


What are the benefits of drinking less alcohol?

Benefits can include:

  • more mental clarity

  • more time for your hobbies because you have no hangovers

  • higher concentration

  • better skin

  • weight loss

  • know yourself better


Why do you have photos of drinks on your website?

All our drinks featured on our site are alcohol-free. We enjoyed drinking wine but now we are excited to be drinking alcohol-free wine and want to share the joy with others.


Does alcohol free wine taste like real wine?

Yes, some of the alcohol free wine brands taste like real wine. Our favourites are Ariel Cabernet Sauvignon and Blue Nun Red. Many of the alcohol free red wines taste ‘grapey’, like empty wine juice. These two brands work though. Our other recommendation is the Edenvale Sparkling Cuvee, this tastes better than champagne. And for beer, our recommendation is u.NN IPA.